11 June 2010

Zoundry Raven Double-Spaces On Blogger

I've started using Zoundry Raven as my off-line blog editor instead of Windows Live Writer, as the latter depends on Live Passport before it can do anything, anywhere, and for some reason that's gone haywire in my case.

It posts OK to my WordPress blog, but on Blogger (here), I see my text paragraphs are separated by two blank lines, rather than one.

Well, HTML always seems to have trouble with white space control; either too many blank lines, or not as many as you'd expect; reminds me of DOS vs. UNIX CR/LF issues in the days of dot matrix printers. Looking at the source code, I see previous posts have the (/p)(p) sequences I'd expect (where I've used parantheses rather than angle brackets to show the codes as text), but the new post has a (/p)(br /)(p) sequence instead.

OK, so I'll clean up my posts in the HTML code window before posting, right? Nope; this is "XHTML" in Raven, and it innocently shows the expected (/p)(p) sequences. So perhaps the transport process and/or Blogger's server side is screwing up - bleh.

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