3 January 2008

Finding Recent Comments

This is one reason I prefer WordPress to Blogger. Once I've OK'd comments, I have to smell where they are if I want to reply to them with comments on my own - there's no UI to access "recent comments" irrespective of which post they are commenting.

Post-Google Blogger being what it is, there's also no easy route to submit this feedback to the blogging service (no, I don't want to do the whole "forum" thing, thanks). Live Spaces is better there; they're always keen for feedback and new ideas.


kurt wismer said...

this sounds familiar... isn't this similar to the post you made here?

Chris Quirke said...

HAHA! Yes, guilty as charged... as U2 would say, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" :-)

Anonymous said...

While we're at it... It's a shame that you can't see the article you're commenting on while you're writting a comment.

Chris Quirke said...

Sorry to take so long to moderate your comment, Anonymous!

Viewing Blogspot's comment page from IE7 on XP SP2 (as I'm doing now), I see a "Show Original Post" link, and if I click that, it keeps me on the same page without losing what I'm typing (this) but expands the original post as if it were the "zeroth comment".

So that need is well met, but if it weren't, I'd suggest rt-click and "open in a new tab" when you start your comment (may be useful for other blogs that don't show the original while posting comments).

Chris Quirke said...

BTW, another annoyance (ironic, given it's Google here) is that if you search the blog for a text biopsy from a comment, the search will not find it in any comments - only the articles.

So when I moderate new comments, as I'm doing now, I have to eyeball by blog, post by post, to find the comments so I can respond to them. This SUCKS, Blogger!!