27 April 2017

Blog Re-Edits?

Should one re-edit existing blog posts?  If so, should these be brought forward in the date order to the date of last edit?

The answer may depend on why you blog - if it's supposed to be date-sensitive, like a diary, then probably not.  But if you're using a blog as the quick-and-dirty way to create a web site, then as you add content, you may want to link to the new content from your "older" posts.  Such is the case with the "waking hour" content that kicked off from today's "layers of abstraction" post...


Attila-Mihaly Balazs said...

I feel strongly that if one edits their posts, it should have some kind of notice that it was updated (and ideally some kind of "history" page like on a wiki but I don't know of any blogging platform that provides a public version of history - other than the blog plugin for DokuWiki but that's arguably a wiki with a blog plugin :-)).

Chris Quirke said...

Yes, I agree with you, especially when it's a topical and evolving story - then I'd do the edits as dated updates. I don't have the resources (my time, Blogger's visible resources) to do a Wikipedia history page, tho great to do.

I love the way Wikipedia's so clean one can read it on the smell of an oil rag, like a Win95 PC on dial-up, and wanted that lack of commercial clutter and junk graphics for my blog. A side-effect of that is that I may have stripped out the cookie warning the EU requires, and it's not obvious how to specifically add that back - I have no interest in cookies or reading them, but I don't know whether Blogger is dropping them from this blog.

Chris Quirke said...

More specifically, the edits I'll do for these posts would mainly be hyperlinking to later posts that expand the overall "Waking Hour" mind-mumblings.

Perhaps I should move the whole thing over to WordPress, as that directly supports a web site rather than diary-blog format design. It's the jump-in-from-anywhere nature of hypertext I'm after - the best way to read IMO, but still far from intuitive to write. I think we still write in a linear mode, and for all the fluff that bloats up modern HTML, it's the basics of hyperlinking that remain under-explored.

I fell in love with hypertext via Norton Guides, a pop-up DOS TSR for which I created a few hypertexts on topics like the ZX Spectrum and related Rocky Gush floppy disk interface, the modem control command set, etc... all IT fossils now!