13 February 2016

Open Live Writer

Yes, Open Live Writer works with Google Blogger, as at 13 February 2016.

But does it double-space paragraph separation?  And does it fing Windows Live Writer’s drafts?  I think it will, as I see a populated list of “recent” <cough> posts.

12 February 2016

I’m Baaack…

Yep, after a long hiatus, I’ll be blogging again – though unlikely to be often.

This may be my last blog entry created in Windows Live Writer 2011; by now I thought a new version may have better features, and I see Microsoft has one new version from 2012, then there’s an Open Source fork called Open Live Writer since. 

I’m going to download and tray the latter, but I see one looming issue; Google’s changes to blog access, that Live Writer may not “get” yet.  Then again, the Open Live Writer blog makes reference to fixing that, perhaps… let’s see how it goes, and whether it does paragraph spacing correctly without double blank lines, in keeping with HTML’s chaotic handling of white space characters etc.