2 August 2007

Public Conversations

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A lot of what I write is posts in transient newsgroups and forums, and although I resolved to write things "properly" in web pages and then blogs, I tend not to do this.  I find it far easier to respond to another entity than write "cold" for a generalized audience.

As mentioned, I'm blending blogging with formal web site navigation using whatever tools come to hand.  I'll use Blogger's labels as category selectors so that this blog can function as a set of unrelated blogs.  These "virtual" blogs may include:

  • Public Conversations
  • The Waking Hour
  • Maintenance OS
  • Safety and Security

The first of these is Public Conversations, where I will simply paste what I see as interesting posts that are already public, edited only to allow natural line lengths and to break visible email addresses.

Over at my other blog, I've added a few new photo galleries, using "comments" to use these as pictorial articles rather than just a  bunch of loose photos.  So far, these include:

Both Blogger and Live Spaces have their strengths and weaknesses, so I'll probably continue adding new content to both.

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