31 July 2007

Timeless Blogging

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Can you have your blog and web it too?  I'd say so, and am doing that - blogging so that content is navigable in ways more like a web site, as described here.  My tactics are:

  • Lists as the "top level"
  • Permalinks, labels and tags
  • Hover-tips to explain link destinations
  • Closure via post-terminating "home" links

Blogging is still dominated by the timeline concept, and this is particularly ironic when a post solicits feedback, only to tell you that "new comments are disabled", as in this case.  Bah!  So I'll feedback here...

Yes, I'd love to see the SecGuide blog post discussion topics for feedback, as well as their usual announcement posts.  They can use tags to separate such traffic for those who only want to read announcements, vs. those who want to contribute to discussions, and still have a mix of both for the rest of us interested in both types of posts.

I plan to do something similar on my blogs, so that in effect each blog can function as multiple sites.  Blog-based discussions may be more survivable and discoverable than web or news forums, as the blog (or web site) provides a persistent navigation tree to reach this material.

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