21 July 2006

Keylogger vs. Keylogger Blocker?

I followed up a bit on this Simon Scatt entity here:


Check out the "comments" to that blog post; it seems that the company he's/it's punting makes both keylogging and keylogger-blocking software. I wonder which wins?


Simon Scatt said...

hey, are you thint I'm spamer?
I just want to say my opinion about this problem. Many programms dont work well as PrivacyKeyboard.
One company can makes both keylogging and keylogger-blocking software. It not free spyware, it's monitoring programms (PCACME)

Anonymous said...

ts gr88 but ..other than that ..u can also use the anti key logger software which tells u the that any key logger present on ur PC…
i have got one good one from net…
Hope u people like it




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