29 March 2005

Wish: Telephone Messaging on XP

Telephone messaging seems to be the creature the world forgot - something that many of us need, but which isn't done very well. In fact, I'm still using Win98SE in deference to the crusty old Bitware 3.03 bundleware that seems the best of a bad lot.

Traditionally, this software has always been served up as bundled with the modem, so there's not a lot of incentive to create a killer phone app. I'd settle for being able to manage more than 100 messages without falling over, and the ability to seek, pause and play from arbitrary points in the message, much as one does with .WAV or .MP3 files; that doesn't seem too much to ask, given that some phone messaging apps already save the messages as .WAV files?

I wish MS would come up with something here... then again, if anyone knows of something in this line (preferably free), do let me know!

Today's fun link: http://www.dilbert.com

Today's fondly-remembered band: Jayne County and the Electric Chairs. Famous as Wayne County in the punk era for shockers like "Toilet Love", folks had wandered away by the time thier third album came out - which is a pity, because that one was a keeper.

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